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  • When an Orisha chooses you.

    How to know when an Orisha chooses you in Santeria. This article offers insights into how and when you know an Orisha rules your head.  Priests in Santeria refer to themselves as a child of a particular Orisha.  For example, my godfather is a child of Oshun.  Priests find out when an Orisha chooses them […]

  • Eleke, Orisha, and color meaning in Santeria beads and necklaces

    An article about Santeria beads by Everything Santeria This article offers insights into the meaning of beads and colors in Santeria and Orisha worship. I received my beads in 2001 after consultation with Elegba through divination. The first reading with my future godfather did not close until Elegba said I needed Orisha in my life. […]